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El conflicte secret d’Espanya

by ViTo • September 18, 2011 3 comments

Spain has an unemployment rate over 20% and there are ongoing concerns over its sovereign debt, however what’s recently taking most attention from the media is the Catalan linguistic model. A debate opened thanks to the ruling by the Catalan Superior Justice Court (TSJC) (La VanguardiaEl País) over what languages should be used or not in schools.

In relation to this topic and the Catalan struggle to find its place within Spain (or not), I came across a fascinating documentary about the coexistence of both identities in the northeastern Spanish territories. The documentary does a great job at accurately portraying the sensitivities shown by both sides, yet surprisingly it was not made by a local. The author is Gary Gibson, a British journalist who has been living in Catalonia for the last 20 years, who speaks Spanish properly but still with a strong British accent. Maybe it takes an external party to be able to look into an  issue so close to the heart and being able to portray it in a non-biased matter.

The documentary goes by the title “Spain’s secret Conflict” and it spans over 40 minutes in which Mr. Gibson interviews José Mª Aznar and Jordi Pujol, the former Spanish and Catalan presidents, numerous politicians, historians and even plain street people who voice their (strong) opinions on the matter.

Take a look at it yourselves:

As an anecdotal piece of evidence, I found it interesting that most people who have a negative view over Catalonia have actually never lived there; on the other hand, Spanish immigrants who are living there have a much more positive attitude towards the land that welcomed them.