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James Mazzo | ViToBlog
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James Mazzo

by ViTo • April 22, 2007 4 comments

Most of you will be wondering who James Mazzo is. Until today I had never heard about him either. So let’s go back a little bit and put him into context: Mr. Mazzo is an Italian American about 50 years old who at the moment happens to be the president and CEO of Advanced Medical Devices (AMO), a company established in Santa Ana which currently employs about 4200 people and is worth about 2 billion $. According to his Forbes profile in the year 2005 he had a salary of 600.000$ and stock options for an approximate value of 20 million $. Not bad at all!


And why is all of that relevant? Because, this morning I was fortunate enough to attend the talk he gave at UCI. It was at eight o’clock in the morning a tough time to have an active audience. However, the auditorium was almost full. As soon as he started talking, I realized he was good… and not simply good, outstanding. This is not the first talk given by this type of successful people I’ve heard. I don’t want to go into the details of what he explained, but how he said it

The thing is that this is only relevant up to certain point. You always hear about the same concepts over and over again: innovation, improvement, incrementalism, empowering the employer, the customer is the most important thing, etc. but all of them are introduced in a mixture of fine humour, personal experiences, out loud reflections and interaction with the public. He is giving a speech for a whole audience but it is as if he were talking directly and individually to you; and the thing is he might do so at any time.

Despite the early hours, the whole 80 minutes flew by, and I’m positive this was not just a personal impression. It is not easy at all to do what he did, and as I said, during the first two minutes you can already tell this is gonna be a great talk. The concepts introduced were probably key to achieve success when leading a company, but what amazes me is the way he spoke. He was constantly shifting the focus of attention away from him: although his many successes he was just one more of a team of people. More than that, “anybody can do what I do, you just have to surround yourself with smarter people than you” he said. I think this says it all; after all, humility may be the first key concept.

All of this was part of one of the courses about entrepreneurship which I am taking this quarter. I think I am starting to see the path I’d like to follow; now it is a matter of being able to walk through it, and how long it takes me to get there. You can take your own conclusions, but personally I’d like to think that today I learnt a lot. Finally, if you want to read a little bit more about Mr. Mazzo, here’s a short bio.

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  1. Marc

    Hey bald!

    Doncs ja saps tio, a prendre exemple…

    Per cert, abans d’ahir vaig quedar amb el meu tutor de l’Studienarbeit i em va ensenyar Google per dins!! Com mola tio, des del 1r moment tens la sensació d’estar en un “caos creatiu” allà dins. El cabró es Team Leader i entre altres lidera l’equip de gmail i youtube!!! I tot això amb 32 anys! Aquest pavo es pot considerar com un James Mazzo potencial (mira’t aixo: http://sciencecareers.sciencemag.org/career_development/previous_issues/articles/2006_11_03/googling_himself/).

    Crec que al septembre tornaré a provar d’entrar. Ara que tinc un contacte segur que tot és més fàcil :-).

    Ala, dew!

    PD: Ja t’aniré informant sobre el meu viatje a Califòrnia.

  2. admin

    si que és un crack el teu jefe doncs 😉 Aquí a Irvine també hi ha una sucursal de Google però es dediquen als anuncis de ràdio.
    No sé tu, però jo lo del doctorat ho veig cada vegada més lluny.

    I tant, ja m’informaràs dels esdeveniments i ens veiem fijo aquest estiu…

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