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World Cup Beauties

by ViTo • June 27, 2006 1 comment

After living for two years in Stuttgart I can honestly say (no offense) it is a gray city. The weather, the mood, the sadness in the air, it is all there. And I think for people from southern countries it can even be depressing.

Yet I don’t know why, about two weeks ago, I sensed some kind of change. Call me paranoid, but I think something is going on! It all started when after being close to 0 degrees in the beginning of June, the sun decided to show up. I felt a strange warmth on my white skin. I think we may have changed the season of the year, you know, from Winter to Summer (until September, when it switches back).

With the new situation I even felt cheerful for no reason. I wanted to go out and wander around the streets of Stuttgart. At this point, I started to get suspicious, something had happened! Instead of the gray and empty streets I remembered, a hughe crowd was there. A demonstration? maybe, but the people didn’t seem angry nor german.

I had to find more about that misterious event, so the following days I checked the streets again with the same result, yet I stopped looking for reasons and started paying more attention to the people there. They seemed all terribly happy and that feeling invaded me too. For no apparent reason I felt joy, as if something bigger than any of us is going on in Germany.

After a long long winter, all I can say is… let’s enjoy it while we can!

169930121_0eaaffc8e7_b.jpg 167320317_bfd5d3e87c_o.jpg 1848135685.jpg 167737337_6ff16f1221_o.jpg 1150897583.jpg sweden.jpg 170536166_b3baba3acb_o.jpg 169898508_8f370546c8_b.jpg espanya.jpg korea.JPG 164283536_1033e269b0_o.jpg 168145902_6197c50a89_o.jpg 170536255_9171a39116_o.jpg 164255410_1c3820a545.jpg 171861209_bb594ad021_o.jpg germanoespanyola.jpg 166394605_1415f3a813_o.jpg 167736920_ee6f038057_o.jpg 168211528_940838a216_o.jpg 168238860_109fdac1fc_o.jpg 171859666_43e42de61f_o.jpg

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