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Second-Class citizens

Even though I am living far away from Spain, it has recently come to my attention the controversy generated due to a TV documental broadcasted by a Madrid station. The topic is a recurring one: the coexistence of Spanish and Catalan in Catalonia (the north east region of Spain). Its title is Second-Class citizens. Unfortunately, […]

All about the money?

I always had the impression that America was a land of opportunities, yet at the same time when somebody makes an error he has to present himself in front of justice regardless of who he is and the consequences this may carry. Let me assure you this doesn’t happen in Spain. The powerful will bend […]

Are we european?

Yes, indeed we are! And don’t you dare say the opposite. That’s what most people in Spain will answer. It is quite clear that geographically Spain belongs to Europe. We are members of the European Union, we share the euro common currency and we have the world’s 9th largest GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Being in […]

The greater good?

1:00 AM The planned experiment is started and control bars are inserted. The operator forgets to reprogram the computer. The power which should stay between 700-1000 MW descends to only 30 MW. 1:02 AM In order to rise power again control bars are completely removed. It is too late. 1.03 AM This abnormal situation triggers […]

Spain, a good place to live?

Almost all the spanish people I’ve met since I am living in Germany, come to terms with leaving temporarily their country, but I haven’t met anybody yet who declares he/she wants to live in Germany indefinitely. Most accept the fact that the Erasmus experience has a due date and quickly return home. I guess the […]

German Logic?

I have been living in Germany for more than a year, and I think I already got used to the cultural differences between Spain and Germany. It is true that usually generalizations cannot be made, and that is why stereotypes are usually wrong, yet somehow there is always a part of truth in them… I […]

The Madrid Club

Last night we went to a spanish club for Madrid supporters to watch the Barça-Madrid football match. I find it somehow curious, because, although being in Stuttgart’s downtown it is a spanish bar. Yesterday, the place was packed due to the special event, yet if you go there during the week you will find around […]