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Tech Coast Angels

Today I had the opportunity to join one of the Tech Coast Angels meeting. They are a venture capital organization here in Orange County who are specialized on providing funding for startups; and as they say, they are the “#1 Angel Network in the United States“. I was fortunate enough to attend as a guest […]


I don’t know why, but I feel like I am the typical guy. Having a straightforward life, not taking many risks and being easily predictable… Maybe that’s why I’d like to try something new; shake things up a little bit 😉 nothing big, just small steps at a time. This is how I came up […]

James Mazzo

Most of you will be wondering who James Mazzo is. Until today I had never heard about him either. So let’s go back a little bit and put him into context: Mr. Mazzo is an Italian American about 50 years old who at the moment happens to be the president and CEO of Advanced Medical […]


I have been a student most of my life. When you’re young you don’t like it at all: you only go because you’re made to; as you grow up you tend to get used to it and by high school you have your own little world going on in and outside school. For most people […]

All about the money?

I always had the impression that America was a land of opportunities, yet at the same time when somebody makes an error he has to present himself in front of justice regardless of who he is and the consequences this may carry. Let me assure you this doesn’t happen in Spain. The powerful will bend […]

Santa Barbara

Being in a new university, in a new country, in a new apartment and with new friends there are many things to see and learn. My list is growing really long: Malibu, Long Beach, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, the Death Valley, New York, Hawaii, etc. These are places I’ve always heard about but never […]

Déjà Vu

I guess most of you are familiar with that expression. I would say, it reminds me of one of the Matrix scenes, where a déjà vu is linked to a bug in the system. However, this time I’m not referring to the Matrix; all of this is because the new Denzel Washington movie. After watching […]


Recently, I came across a short documentary about the cultural exchange between abroad students. Particularly, it shows the combined experience of catalan students in California and American students in Catalunya; thus, the title. I found it interesting cause it reflects exactly my experience; and these last days I found myself telling my friends the same […]

UCI Home Opener

It amazes me how popular sports are in UCI. I get the feeling it’s not just UCI though; this is what goes on in most American universities. As I mentioned in one of my other posts, sport facilities in the campus are endless. I have to admit that with every student paying more than 8000$ […]

The Catalan Guys

I’ve read somewhere that the obesity rate is around 65% in the United States. This figure is surprisingly high, and it means that out of every 100 adult people living in America, 65 of them are obese or overweight. With such numbers, I basically expected to find a country of fat people. Nothing further from […]