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Spain’s secret Conflict (video)

Spain has an unemployment rate over 20% and there are ongoing concerns over its sovereign debt, however what’s recently taking most attention from the media is the Catalan linguistic model. A debate opened thanks to the ruling by the Catalan Superior Justice Court (TSJC) (La Vanguardia, El País) over what languages should be used or not in […]

Think different

As you probably read in a ton of places already (Engadget, Gizmodo, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.), this week Steve Jobs announced his resignation from Apple. It came as a surprise to a lot of people, but looking back it’s something that had been coming for the last 6 months, when Steve took a leave of […]

Base64 image encoding in Adobe Air

Lately I have been playing with the Adobe Air platform. Having previous experience with web development, I think it’s a great way to get something up and running pretty quickly across multiple platform and with capabilities not yet widely available via HTML5. Basically, you can still do most of your development using html + css […]

Good bye California

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] I am writing this post from an airplane over the atlantic. I am leaving the United States behind. I am leaving California, my home land for the last 4 years, behind. I can’t help but have a knot in my stomach and red eyes. I feel like the […]

International Money Transfers

Having lived abroad for the last 6 years, one of the situations I had to deal with was transferring money between countries and typically also between currencies. When I was a student, I never paid much attention to it, but lately I realized what a scheme the whole process is… so let me share my […]

Engineers wanted

I recently came across this Spanish newspaper headline: ‘Se buscan 25.000 ingenieros‘ (25,000 engineers needed) [link]. Apparently, there is a serious engineers shortage in Spain. The whole article goes on about the seriousness of the issue and how Spanish companies will have to go seek engineers abroad in order to fill these positions. The demand […]

World Cup Beauties

After living for two years in Stuttgart I can honestly say (no offense) it is a gray city. The weather, the mood, the sadness in the air, it is all there. And I think for people from southern countries it can even be depressing. Yet I don’t know why, about two weeks ago, I sensed […]