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Archive for April, 2006

St. George’s Day

St. George is the patron Saint of Catalonia. St. George’s Day is celebrated in and around Catalonia since 1436. It is a festive day with many popular and cultural celebrations. The Fair of the Book and the Rose is held: Every man offers a rose to his loved one (wife or fiancée), and in return […]

Spain, a good place to live?

Almost all the spanish people I’ve met since I am living in Germany, come to terms with leaving temporarily their country, but I haven’t met anybody yet who declares he/she wants to live in Germany indefinitely. Most accept the fact that the Erasmus experience has a due date and quickly return home. I guess the […]

German Logic?

I have been living in Germany for more than a year, and I think I already got used to the cultural differences between Spain and Germany. It is true that usually generalizations cannot be made, and that is why stereotypes are usually wrong, yet somehow there is always a part of truth in them… I […]

The Madrid Club

Last night we went to a spanish club for Madrid supporters to watch the Barça-Madrid football match. I find it somehow curious, because, although being in Stuttgart’s downtown it is a spanish bar. Yesterday, the place was packed due to the special event, yet if you go there during the week you will find around […]

New Blog

Hi, with this new post I start my NEW BLOG!!! So far, it is still pretty empty, but it will eventually get filled. As you can see, lately I use most of my weekend to add little functionalities to I am easily satisfied. The last two are: Calvin & Hobbes comic strip. Weblog I […]