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Archive for November, 2006

My fellows

There is a certain point where you have to decide what direction to take in your life. This summer I finished my studies in Stuttgart and Barcelona. Up to this point, things were more or less lineal: school, high school, university… But I’ve reached a point where there is no single path anymore. One of […]

Fall meeting

When living in a foreign country it is normal to feel lonely. Before finding your new place, you tend to join people in a similar situation in order to overcome your worries and fears. What a better way to do that than with people from your home land. That’s what we do in California. There […]


UCI is one of the universities belonging to the UC network. It is established in Irvine since 1965 and although not having a lot of history it is rapidly growing (complaints about neverending works in campus are common). It is not very big, yet it is well known in several areas such as aerospace or […]

Newport beach

The first week has been very stressful, but I’ve finally managed to enjoy some of the perks of living in California. Irvine isn’t exactly on the coastline, yet the beach is less than 10 miles away. One of the closest towns to it which is indeed right next to the sea is Newport beach. This […]

New life, no clothes

Lately, I’ve been flying often. At first, low cost flights across Europe exclusively, but now also transoceanic flights. It turns out I never lost a single bag. Until now… From BCN to LAX I was allowed to carry 2 32 kg. suitcases, and I obviously filled them up. My guess is I was traveling with […]