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Archive for December, 2006


Recently, I came across a short documentary about the cultural exchange between abroad students. Particularly, it shows the combined experience of catalan students in California and American students in Catalunya; thus, the title. I found it interesting cause it reflects exactly my experience; and these last days I found myself telling my friends the same […]

UCI Home Opener

It amazes me how popular sports are in UCI. I get the feeling it’s not just UCI though; this is what goes on in most American universities. As I mentioned in one of my other posts, sport facilities in the campus are endless. I have to admit that with every student paying more than 8000$ […]

The Catalan Guys

I’ve read somewhere that the obesity rate is around 65% in the United States. This figure is surprisingly high, and it means that out of every 100 adult people living in America, 65 of them are obese or overweight. With such numbers, I basically expected to find a country of fat people. Nothing further from […]

The Balsells Reception

Being the recipient of a fellowship implies a lot of responsability. Of course, I’m joking, but there is some part of truth in that statement. You know you have to work hard to earn what has been given to you, since not everybody has this special chance. However, at the same time, there are social […]

Big big America

I’ve been in Irvine for a while now. For more than a month ;-). Things start to get into its place. In this short period of time, I’ve come to realize that everything is huge here. Space is not a problem in Irvine. That is why the houses are bigger, the streets are wider and […]

Hollywood trip

Irvine is quite close to Los Angeles, that is why as soon as I settled I had the urge to go see Hollywood, specially the sign. It may seem stupid, but you kind of make your own idea of how things are, and you tend to idealize them. Not having a car and not being […]