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Archive for January, 2007

All about the money?

I always had the impression that America was a land of opportunities, yet at the same time when somebody makes an error he has to present himself in front of justice regardless of who he is and the consequences this may carry. Let me assure you this doesn’t happen in Spain. The powerful will bend […]

Santa Barbara

Being in a new university, in a new country, in a new apartment and with new friends there are many things to see and learn. My list is growing really long: Malibu, Long Beach, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, the Death Valley, New York, Hawaii, etc. These are places I’ve always heard about but never […]

Déjà Vu

I guess most of you are familiar with that expression. I would say, it reminds me of one of the Matrix scenes, where a déjà vu is linked to a bug in the system. However, this time I’m not referring to the Matrix; all of this is because the new Denzel Washington movie. After watching […]