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Archive for April, 2007

The Valley of the Dead

What a scary title for a post, isn’t it? 😉 Don’t worry though, I’m just referring to the Death Valley National Park. I soon realized that California is mainly a huge desert. Once you leave the huge metropolis such as Los Angeles or San Francisco, there isn’t much there. There’s a huge surface of empty […]

James Mazzo

Most of you will be wondering who James Mazzo is. Until today I had never heard about him either. So let’s go back a little bit and put him into context: Mr. Mazzo is an Italian American about 50 years old who at the moment happens to be the president and CEO of Advanced Medical […]


I have been a student most of my life. When you’re young you don’t like it at all: you only go because you’re made to; as you grow up you tend to get used to it and by high school you have your own little world going on in and outside school. For most people […]

Second-Class citizens

Even though I am living far away from Spain, it has recently come to my attention the controversy generated due to a TV documental broadcasted by a Madrid station. The topic is a recurring one: the coexistence of Spanish and Catalan in Catalonia (the north east region of Spain). Its title is Second-Class citizens. Unfortunately, […]

Staples Center

Sorry about the silence from my side 🙁 ; since Christmas I haven’t been around much although I’ve consistently been in front of my computer for more than 5 hours a day for sure. In the beginning I had to adjust back to Irvine coming again from Barcelona and then it soon got busy. But […]