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Archive for May, 2007

Laguna Beach

When moving to Irvine, I found the fact that it was in the Orange County funny. And why is that? Because when talking to my friends nobody ever heard about either UCI or Irvine, but all of them knew about The O.C. I’m obviously referring to the TV show. The plot takes place in some […]

Tech Coast Angels

Today I had the opportunity to join one of the Tech Coast Angels meeting. They are a venture capital organization here in Orange County who are specialized on providing funding for startups; and as they say, they are the “#1 Angel Network in the United States“. I was fortunate enough to attend as a guest […]


I don’t know why, but I feel like I am the typical guy. Having a straightforward life, not taking many risks and being easily predictable… Maybe that’s why I’d like to try something new; shake things up a little bit 😉 nothing big, just small steps at a time. This is how I came up […]


It’s already May and as good as I am here in Irvine I still miss my friends back in Spain. I am not a person who usually maintains a lot of long distance contact (except with my mummy ;-), but that is mostly cause she’s calling me like all the time). This is partly the […]